Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's try this again...

My first blogging attempt was a failed one. 9 posts, depressing. I find myself loving to read other's blogs but not having the dedication to stick to one of my own. Such a bummer, however, I've decided to try again. I may fail again, too, but only time will tell. Here is where I am right now in life, focus before I start this because I've got A LOT going on.

Chad has been given his agency assignment from State Farm to take over part of an existing agency in North Augusta, SC starting June 1st 2011. He will be taking over for a retiring agent who's book of business will be split between Chad and another gentleman. We are in the process of purchasing a home in North Augusta (which is actually South Carolina, not just the northern part of Augusta, GA) which we love and are so incredibly lucky to have found because it is so amazing and because for us it didnt compare to any of the other houses on the market in the area. We are set to move in in 2 weeks!! Meanwhile I took a job working for the agent that Chad will be replacing, getting to know the policy holders and trying to get a "feel" for the area. This has been an interesting venture, I find myself in the middle of official business regarding the retirement/new agency a lot, and I have no place knowing anything super important because frankly it's none of my business and being pregnant has made me react to things differently. But after a few bumps I seem to be functioning well in the office and a job is a job is a job. On top of the agency, the move, the job, I'm 14 weeks pregnant. Super exciting, right. Right. And wrong. Super stressful is more like it. Actually this entire stage is super stressfull and I feel like it may be a year or two before it calms down. But I can see into the future and I know that all of this is such a blessing and we are due to be 10 million times more blessed and content in a few years.

The pregnancy has been smooth for the most part, no real "morning" sickness and havent had any HUGE hormonal breakdowns. Maybe one or two minor crying attacks but I'm doing just fine! I have had some viruses and colds since my immune system isn't working as hard, but the new development is migraines and I think it may end up being my pregnancy "thing". After a hellacious 72-hour whopper I finally got a prescription for Fioricet which totally helps and the doctor gave me refills which is awesome because I seem to get one almost every day. It starts like any normal headache then I realize the tylenol isnt working and in a flash second I want to cut all the lights off and curl up into a ball. You know, the usual for migraines. We have our second Dr's visit in a little over 2 weeks and maybe if the baby is cooperating we'll be able to find out the sex, if not I'm thinking I'll end up at one of those sneak-a-peek places because I dont think I can wait until 20 months to find out! Right now I'm hungry all the time, no specific cravings, although I'm loving any form of noodle. The only other pregnancy sympton I have is heightened sense of smell, I can smell chicken and cigarette smoke a mile away, and it is NOT pleasant.

The past few weeks my life has been filled with legal documents, loan agreements, new coworkers, a growing belly and appetite, and some SERIOUS anxiety over paint colors and drapes. I am happy to say a lot of this chaos is subsiding and knowing that State Farm sets up movers to pack and relocate us is a huge relief. I have finally stopped dreaming about rugs and curtain tie-backs and I'm back to dreaming completely bizaare dreams that dont make any sense.

Now my focus is going to support Chad in all of the craziness that he is dealing with on top of everything I just told you about. He's deep into finding a new office location, hiring a staff, and planning out every detail for opening his own business. This is his dream come true but it will be a big struggle for the first few years and I know its my job to do anything and everything to help him secure our future. Such a big job, I have!!!

For anyone close enough to have me in their address book starting March 8th, we'll have a new address and you are welcome to email me for the update!

Anyone who wants to plan to switch their State Farm policies or get State Farm insurance with the Chad Stalvey agency please let us know! We'll make sure to take care of you!

Keep loving life, I know I do....layne


Heather said...

Way to go with your blog update :) And don't worry, once the baby comes you'll have PLENTY to blog about- and you better! I'll want to stay updated on your cute family since y'all are moving away. Love you!

Layne Stalvey said...

Lets hope so! I love to do it! Are you getting more and more excited about son #2?