Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tune-In Thursday Playlist----Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung, people, even though it's temporarily chilly in my neck of the woods, I know it's true because I see flower blooming, and pollen everywhere! This Thursday's playlist I found on AOL's main page a few days ago and though it was so awesome I decided to save it for y'all! There are some throwbacks on this list and few artist who have just come on the scene in the past few years, so I loved the diversity of the choices from this online journalist. Here is the list, and you can visit the full AOL article to read the reasons behind the picks, some are very interesting! Full List with Details 

10. The Roof is Leaking - Phil Collins
9. Half the Man- Jamiroquai
8. First Day of Spring- Noah and the Whale
7.Waiting for the Sun- The Doors
6. Spring Affair- Donna Summers (what's Donna Summer's backward? Summer Donna. Slow it down now. Summah Dawna...Simmah Downah)
5.Love Aint For Keeping- The Who
4. Spring Rain- The Go-Betweens
3. Another Spring- Nina Simone
2. Spring Fever- Elvis Presley
1. Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles

I hope you download these songs and they bring some sunshine into your day and you can groove and dance your behinds off! It's pouring and dark outside here, so music is what I've got to cheer myself up. Keep loving life! Layne

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