Monday, March 21, 2011

My job makes me want to scream, so instead I just rub my belly!

I hate when people say they love their job, because I think it is such a rare thing, and I am so jealous. I have never LOVED a job except for my time nannying the Blair kids. I am certainly good at my job, and I know what I'm doing, but I am not passionate about it whatsoever, and I guess that doesn't really matter much, because it's work, and it's not supposed to be fun. I get it. Obviously, I go and do it anyway, because that is what being an adult is, right? Doing things you don't want to do simply because you have to. Lately the situation and the circumstances surrounding my current position with State Farm paired with my hormones and the stresses of moving and feeling sick have really made it hard to be here at all- let alone be here smiling. But this morning I decided to will myself to have a good day at work. I can't say it's working, but I havent cried yet, nor have I snapped or gone ghetto-Layne on anyone so, I guess that is a positive. I do, however, have a splitting headache and the strong desire to do those things I just said I haven't done yet. The only thing that makes me happy is little baby Noah in my belly. If you've ever seen the Bad Boys movies with Will Smith and Martin Lawerence you may remember how Martin's character gets all bajiggety and has to rub his ears and say "WOOOSAAHHH" to calm himself down. Well, that is me. I'm walking around this office rubbing my belly going --WOOOSSAHHH!! And trying to bite my tongue and be respectful and just get over it- whatever "it" may be at the moment.

Since we've found out that we're having Noah, and not Huck, my mind has been racing, I'm not sure I would have been prepared even if it was a boy, but it seems surreal that it's a girl, and I haven't quite wrapped my head around it! I am very excited, though! We've ordered her crib, a gift from Yia Yia and Paw Paw and her bedding is picked out which will be a gift from DeeDee and Grandaddy! Here is a picture of the bedding, it is a really sweet, sort of hippie-ish print! And the colors match the nursery paint already! Do not be confused, this is not her actual room, just a picture of the bedding and linens! Her room is almost the exact color in the picture but only halfway up to a chair rail and then white on top! This part of my life, my hubby, and baby, and home, I love! WOOOSAHHHH!!! -Layne

Baby Noah's new style!


Heather said...

Very cute! I love it! I also love that it's not overwhelmingly pink :)

Layne Stalvey said...

I never wear pink, and it isnt anywhere in my house. I have nothing against it, and I look at baby clothes and I pick stuff with pink all the time, but for some reason this seemed right. She's not even here yet and I've given her a personality! Haha!