Thursday, March 3, 2011

MUSIC.....and some other things I'm passionate about!

One of the biggest things in my life is music. I dont know what I'd do without it, and that includes, singing, live music, musicals, new and old albums, I'm obsessed, and there really is/could be a soundtrack to my life. I don't have a favorite genre or artist or band, my ears are very non-discriminating and I can find beauty and genius in all types of sound. I really wanted to start a weekly music post on the blog and since I finally got around to it from now on I'll be featuring "Tune-In Thursdays" with a list of 10 songs that are relevant to me right now. These may be old songs that stay in my current play lists, new songs I'm obsessed with, songs that speak to my mood at the current time, or artists who I think deserve recognition. So here is the first ever...

Tune-In Thursday Play List
"Jar of Hearts"  by Christina Perri
"Blue Indian" by Widespread Panic
"Right Thru Me" by Nicki Minaj
"Gimmeakiss" by Avett Brothers
"Sucker" by John Mayer
"Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor
"Lets Stay Together" by Al Green
"Down on Me" by Jeremih
"A Kiss with a Fist" by Florence and the Machine
"You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band

So, enjoy folks, and let me know what you think, and if you have similar tastes and have some suggestions of songs, albums, or artists for me, PLEASE let me know! I'm all about it!

There is another thing I've been really into over the past year and that's Animal Rights awareness and activism. I've signed hundreds and hundreds of petitions, and tweeted and facebooked issues and organizations to spread the knowledge of how many animals in the world need our help right now. My concerns are not limited to animals alone, and I know there are humans suffering everywhere, but I feel very strongly in my heart that I'm supposed to give a voice to the voiceless. SO here are a few issues that I've spent time researching and would love for you to know about:

Hundreds of Sled Dogs being Murdered in Canada

Bear Baying and Fox Penning in South Carolina

Tony the Tiger

IS Foundation

These are just four of millions of instances where animals are being mistreated, abused or killed. I feel very strongly that all household pets should be spayed and neutered to reduce the staggering rate of dog and cat overpopulation in the US. Right now about 45% of puppy liters are from unintentional mating, and while it's hard to put a number on the amount of euthanised animals in the US, there are some statistics we can go by. Most shelters refuse to fill out the annual surveys sent out by the National Council of Pet Population and Study, the best numbers they have are from 90's, and that was before the economy was as bad as it is now. In 2008 the National Council estimates a minimum of 3.7 million animals beign euthanised. These days people aren't spending money at the vet to have their animals fixed, and they're buying pets cheap from backwards breeders and puppy mills, instead of focusing on the millions of pets available for adoption from local shelters. I look at my dog, and can hardly stand to think about him not having someone to love him, not having food and shelter. It breaks my heart. So many animals are in that position today, people are having their homes forclosed on and just leaving their pets behind. It's sick, and I want everyone to know about it. For more information about the statistics and for a link to Columbia, South Carolina's no-kill selter Pets Inc see below...

American Humane Association
Pets Inc.

Ok, I'm getting off of my soapbox now! Love you! layne

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