Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tune-In Thursday Playlist....Noah's First Mix CD

So, I guess about a week 1/2 ago Noah started to be able to hear! This was very exciting news, and we got even more excited when we recieved in the mail Noah's first mix CD. At this point we didn't know that Noah, was Noah, so the CD is actually titled Baby Maverick's CD. Noah's Aunt Mary (who calls me Maverick....I call her's very cute) has been keeping track and knew it was the right time for some awesome tunes to sooth and rock Noah's little world so she sent us the mix all the way from New Mexico! She very much wants her to be brought up on good music (as we were), so she compiled some awesome songs, by some well-known and some lesser-known artists and for the past several days we have been jammin' out! Most of the Artists are already in my Itunes, but one of my new faves that was previously unknown to me is The Tallest Man on Earth....he's a Sweedish folk singer and he's got a Dylan-esque quality to his sound. Very awesome.
Doctor's say that babies will recognize their parents voices after birth as well as songs that were played for them in the womb. At this point Noah would recognize Chad and I bickering over hanging curtains, and talking about boring work stuff, so I love that I've got some good music for her to dig on while she's swimming in her amniotic fluid, and that she'll be comforted by when she's here with us!

Avi Buffalo- What’s In it For?
Midlake- Balloon Maker
The New Pornographers- Bleeding Heart Show
She & Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Sea Wolf- The Violet Hour
Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition
Monster Paws- Midnight Train
Edward Maya- Stereo Love
Beirut- Postcards from Italy
Nico- These Days
Bon Iver- Skinny Love
Regina Spektor- Samson
Tallest Man on Earth- Drying of the Lawns
Deer Tick- Art Isn’t Real
Frightened Rabbit- Good Arms vs Bad Arms
Bright Eyes- Bowl of Oranges
The XX- Intro
Fleet Foxes- Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Check you on the flipside, loves! Layne

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