Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My clothes don't fit...but my dog doesn't care

The majority of my pants I can't button or zip up at this point without being in serious pain. I started using a belly band about a week and a half ago, and I have really mixed feelings on it. It doesnt stay put. I don't know if this is because my belly isnt big enough yet, or because its a flawed product, but I cant imagine that once my belly is huge that it will stay put more securely... The purpose is to be able to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes that you can't fully wear anymore (like me) but cover up the fact that your fly is unzipped and your button is undone. The bottom rides up and the top slouches down and I am pretty sure the fabric is thin enough that anyone who wants to look hard enough can tell that my pants are undone. It is incredibly annoying. This only adds to the fact that right now I dont feel comfortable in my own skin because my body doenst look a thing like it did in November when I was svelt and exercising hardcore, and it doesnt look pregnant either. My mornings consist of my dragging myself out of bed trying to make myself look beautiful, stuffing my face, and the exasberating process of figuring out which of my clothes will fit over my hips and which shirts come down far enough to cover my belly now that my...shall we say "upper region" has doubled in size.

The only joy I get in the mornings is from Morris. He sits at my feet in every room I'm in wagging (thumping) his tail (huge tail) on the floor and looking at me adoringly. MoMo has started coming to work with me. He loves it. The office I work in is on a double lot so it has a large fenced in backyard behind the building and now that the S.Carolina weather has decided to be beautiful and warm, I found no reason for him to be cooped up in our apartment. His favorite days are when the agent I work for brings her black lab, LuLu to hang out with him. They are both lazy, hence they have become besties. There is a slew of toys back there that he mostly ignores and when I sneak into the back room to spy on him he is typically sitting up sniffing into the sky taking in the sun. At lunch we'll go to McDonalds and share hamburgers or he may get the crusts from my lean cuisine pizzas, and on the commute we talk about life. Mo is a GREAT listener.

It's nice to have someone to "punch the clock" with who loves and adores you unconditionally. I think it's quite lovely. This is my life. layne


The Branham Family said...

Layne! I don't think I have told you congrats yet!! CONGRATS! lol That is sooo exciting.. and I promise I went through every feeling you are (still am honestly lol, but it's getting better as I am slowly and surely getting back to my old body) FUN STUFF.. lol It's funny when I was prego I really wasn't sure if i was ever going to do it again but the older baya gets the more i forget and now I am like BRING IT ON! (but not anytime soon lol) As for the belly band I usually folded it in half, that way it's thicker, slightly tighter, doesn't move around, yadda yadda :) KEEP IN TOUCH and GOOD LUCK with EVERYTHING!!!

Layne Stalvey said...

Thanks Sam! That's good advice, and soon enough we'll have a little playmate for Baya when we make beach trips! :)

andrea said...

Yay for dogs! I wish I could bring my dogs with me to school..