Friday, February 26, 2010

It's amazing what you come across when packing your house up...

So I was packing up Chad's office and came across two poems I wrote summer after my freshman year of school...they were stuffed away in a very cute hounds-tooth box I was storing old picture in. I thought I'd share them, if for nothing else other than so my mother could read them.

Poem 1- Not named

Hair everywhere.
Body weightless-no more stress, burdens lifted.
Faint, blended sounds in the distance-nothing to think about, completely emptied head.
Floating, wallowing, swimming under this hydraulic solution to my problems.
No one can bother me.
...and as I sit behind this desk, in this office I look at the over-priced pictures of ocean scenes,
lily's on water, and blue skies...
I can only imagine that peace and care free feeling of being under cool water on a warm day.
As for now the ringing phones and computer screens suck me dry
and I await my submerging.

Poem 2-Ants

Like a queen of a colony he sits barricaded in his office,
there is a ominous front that hangs in the air within his doorway-
a warning to all who seek to conference.
The workers, drones, scuffle here and there busy to prepare their masterpiece so as to please him.
They live dedicating their days just to serve him.
But is respect true when backed by fear?
A leader of a colony must well deserve such dedication-
but how high in regard is he held at night when the work day is through?
And what of this leader, this tyrant, the queen...
does he sleep sound at night because his job is done?

I love those poems, I find humor in thinking about the summer and circumstances that surround them. I hope my mommy will post her awesome poems she wrote this week while in New Orleans! I feed off of her brilliance! Keep living life...Layne

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update your blog. i love you. goodnight.