Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Life Over the Past Month and a Half

Since my last post.....

I have had my tonsils and adenoids removed and recovered from the surgery! Yikes!
Had a new niece born: Macy Elizabeth Stalvey
am in the process of working out my last two days at State Farm here in Florence
have taken a job working for agent Theresa Miley in Irmo, SC (March 1st starting date)
colored my hair with blonde highlights....
learned how to Skype
learned how to Chatroulette
started packing our house to move....
started reading the Bible beginning to end with the B90D program! (about to start Ruth)

Right now I'm looking forward to being back in Columbia with my family and friends, no matter how temporary that may be. I've got my first week home packed with TV nights and dinners with my girlfriends! And some x-box challenges to attend with Chandler to school him (no pun intended) in Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader (which I am)

Chad and I are praying every night that the Lord will see fit to give him an agency opportunity soon and get us somewhere that we know we will be forever! I am dying to buy a house and decorate so that we have somewhere fabulous for our friends and family to stay!

We enjoying this awesome time in the second year of our marriage, making changes and growing. I'll post some pictures of recent events soon! Keep living your life! Layne

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Rachel said...

how hilarious is chat roulette. for real.