Thursday, May 19, 2011

I want some new and interesting reading material!

Since I pretty much did a play list yesterday with my gLee feature, I decided to take a Thursday off from my regular Tune-In schedule. I recently had to switch email addresses due to getting some pretty funky SPAM (that sounds like a venereal disease or something) and in the process I lost my dashboard of all of the great blogs I was following. Sad face. I could remember a few off the top of my head, but alas most of them are gone....

SO! In an attempt at finder greater stimultation and more fabulous women (or men) to follow and be entertained by, I would love for you to email me or post with your favorite blogs! I love mommy blogs, family blogs, Christian blogs, giveaway blogs, not so much coupon blogs, but overall I'm not very picky!

Also, since I'm asking y'all I'll share with you some of my favorites! ---Great for cloth diaper users! --- Book reviews, and rediculously funny accounts of newlyweds enjoying life ---Love her recipes, and features! ---Not your ordinary mommy blog- witty and honest! ---Great giveaways and product reviews! ---What doesn't she do? I am in awe!

Sorry for the less-than-aesthetic lay out, my Blogger has disappeared with my fancy post editing tools... I'm a mess!

Love ya, Layne


A said... and are great ones :)

JF said... - even if you totally disagree with babywise, this has a lot of good posts on all kinds of baby things like good toys, book reviews, discipline, solids, etc - she has a little baby with Down's syndrome. Read the "Start Here if You're New" - it is so sweet! - sweet Christian couple that lost a baby with trisomy 13 - they have amazing faith!

Emily and Cory said...

I love reading Oopsey Daisy. She does tons of cute crafts but even if you are not into that, she does a lot more too. I love her Wednesdays Wowzers because it give me a lot of inspiration to do projects around the house. She does giveaways also.
Also, I just found this blog that does a free printable every week with a cute quote which is an awesome easy way to jazz up a spot in out house.