Sunday, May 29, 2011

How things change...

I couldn't have had a more stressful, crazy, happy, sad, basically a more mixed emotions weekend. SO much happened, and didn't happen, and so many things that I thought I would have done in the past I didn't do. It's been such a huge eye opener for me. I know that is all pretty confusing and vague, but I promise to explain.

1. This weekend my group of closest college friends, known as the DBFLs, gathered together in Myrtle Beach for a crazy fun weekend for the first time since we were in school together. One of my oldest friends ever even traveled all of the way from Albuquerque for the event. It had been my plan all along to go down (belly and all) and join them for the festivities of the weekend. Then I got my new job and figured I would have to work this weekend, major bummer, but I knew there was no way around it and I accepted it. Chad knew all along he wouldn't be able to go out of town since this is the weekend before his insurance agency opens, but he wanted me to be able to go even if that meant leaving him behind. When I realized I couldn't go we planned a night trip to Columbia to have dinner with the majority of the group before they embarked on their journey to the epic Myrtle Beach, SC. In an unexpected turn of events I ended up not having to work during the trip and was once again given the opportunity to go to the beach and party with my friends. Except a weird thing happened. My wifey genes kicked in, and I started to think that I should stay in town and help my husband prepare for his business opening. We talked about it at length and he still said he would be okay with me going without him, but I could tell as the weekend drew closer that he was getting more and more stressed. I was fighting two very different instincts: the Layne instinct, and the wife instinct. Layne wouldn't miss a beach weekend, wouldn't miss being at a party with friends, but the wife instinct said to put Chad first. I ultimately decided to stay, be supportive and available for whatever he needed from me to make his life easier. I can't say it's been easy to be here and know that my friends are having fun without me, but I know what I did was the right decision- no matter how much it kinda stinks to be missing are the girls minus Jen this past Wednesday night at dinner.

2. So many things are going on with my family right now. My grandmother went into the hospital on Wednesday of this week due to trouble getting enough oxygen and an insanely fast heart rate of 150. After being on oxygen for a few days and a procedure called a heart oblation, she seems stable, but still unwell. She remains in the hospital until we're told otherwise, but hopefully the procedure and this down time will help her good health to increase. Meanwhile my parents came to Columbia (where I'm from and about an hour from me) for a Parrot Head convention to party and see their friends all weekend. I hadn't seen my daddy in months and knew this was my last chance to see him before he comes for Baby Noah's birth in September. Also, when they leave on Monday they are taking my baby brother with them to move to Arkansas to live with them. Normally, or I should say in the past, this would be pretty emotional for me. I'd be a big ball of sappy, pitiful tears. But I don't feel sad. I'm actually super pumped. I'm so psyched for my brother getting an adventure and a change and for my mom and dad getting to have him around in Arkansas with them! Today after church and teaching my Sunday school lesson I jetted up to Columbia and spent a few hours with my mom, dad, brother and granddad. SO nice to hug their necks! This is my dad and me at lunch!

3. We are experiencing first hand the craziness that ensues when opening a business. Bless my hubby's heart he is being a trooper- but one thing after another keeps going awry. He's doing marvelously with keeping positive and getting a lot of work done, but I know he'll be glad when the office is complete, ready to go, and opened for business. His grand opening is Wednesday June 1st, and the Chamber of Commerce is doing a ribbon cutting ceremony for the agency Thursday morning. It is very exciting, but oober stressful!

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be married, pregnant, have a husband who is a small business owner, family spread across the US and all of it happening at once- I would have laughed in your face. But you know what? That is my life right now. Crazy, stressful, happy, sad, and all in all absolutely FABULOUS.I am truly happier than ever. How has your weekend been so far? Lovely? Layne

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