Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tune In Thursday Play-list: Bad Weather Edition

    I don't know about y'all but we got a wicked storm last night! From the little bit of news coverages I've been able to see Alabama was hit hard, and I know from my mama in Arkansas earlier this week storms were so crazy there was tennis ball size hail in some areas! As Uncle Jessie would say... Have Mercy!
      We didn't sleep at all last night at the Stalvey house. The news station called every hour with weather alerts that went something like this: If you're an idiot and can't hear the thunder and see the lightening through your window we just wanted you to know that there is a storm outside. Ok, so maybe it didn't say that exactly but while trying to sleep through the crazy loud storm and deal with a dog that now has storm anxiety thanks to the tree that came through our roof last month, that is what I felt like it was saying to me when I answered the phone at 1:30, 2:30 and then we finally cut the ringer off at 3:30 am. Due to the nights events I am at work with nasty hair, I did my make up in the bathroom when I got here, huge circles under my eyes and a nasty tude. What can I say?! I need my sleep to be remotely perky and happy.
     In honor of the dastardly storm that has put me in this mood and severely wigged out poor MoMo today's play list features songs about rain....or songs using rain as a metaphor. As you download and listen to these songs, I think you should picture me as a cartoon sitting behind my desk at work with a thunder cloud drawn over my head and rain pouring on me. If, despite the storm, you are in a good mood today, you are welcome to try and cheer me up! I am very much wanting a pick-me-up! Love, Layne

Tune In Thursday Play-List, Bad Weather Edition:

1. Ashes, the Rain, and I- Joe Walsh
2. Falling of the Rain- Billy Joel
3. Have You Ever Seen the Rain- CCR
4. Here Comes the Rain Again- The Eurythmics
5. I Made it Through the Rain- Barry Manilow
6. I'm Only Happy When it Rains- Garbage
7. Like the Rain- Clint Black (I dedicate this to Austin Culbertson)
8. No Rain- Blind Melon
9. Purple Rain- Prince
10. Rain Dance- The Guess Who

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