Friday, April 15, 2011

My entry dedicated to Foodies

      I don't think I could ever specifically say that I am having pregnancy cravings. I have ALWAYS had cravings, even when I'm not expecting. I'm a very weird eater. I eat bizaare things, and I always want bizaare things, so nothing has really changed for me. However, I know that the "cravings" quesiton is one of the first ones that people have when talking to a pregnant lady so I thought I'd document my eat habits for you, if for nothing else, to make you super duper hungry while you read this.

      Frist Trimester, and this started before I even found out that I was preggo, I was a carb Queen! This was kind of weird and also kind of expected. I wasnt eating carbs in excess before, but I also had recently become a vegetarian and was still sorting my way through new recipes and meal alternatives. I was grilled cheese crazy the first two months of my prenancy. Slowly it got worse, all I wanted was Ramen noodles. I was eating 3-4 packs of Creamy Chicken Ramen noodles a day! Then it was noodles in genereal, pasta with parmesan, ravioli, mac n cheese, it was a pasta rampage and I enjoyed the ride. I started eating Spaghettio's by the can, heck even straight out of the can. College and High School Layne would have not been bothered by this but it was not typical for me at this point in my life, I was/ am very calorie-conscious and Ramen is rediculously high in calories.
     I purposely tried to work my way out of this phase and start eating a wider variety of foods, this is when I added meat back into my diet, I had to get a full stomach off of something other than pasta, bread, and rice. If you've read my blog before you know I still don't eat chicken, but about 12 weeks into the pregnancy I added beef and pork back into my diet and that provided me with the opportunity to fill myself up without packing on too much weigh. Meat and veggies is a much better alternative to cheesy bread, with cheesy pasta, and cheesy rice.
      The only thing I noticed that truly changed with my taste for food was that I was not interested in sweets at all. Being a huge sweet that often petitions on facebook for friends to deliver pecan pies and birthday cake to her house, this was a total 180. I actually remember grabbing a Snickers at a gas station thinking how badly I wanted it and taking a bite out of it and literally spitting it out. At least with my carb intake increased, I lessened my chocolate intake. That feeling has passed at this point, by the way, I am all about some pecan pie and am once again accepting deliveries.
       Now, at five months pregnant I have noticed the real trend as far as my "cravings" go, and I use that word loosly, because as I said I have always wanted bizaare meals at bizaare times; the trend is nostalgia. I don't know if it is because my subconsious is all psyched out about being a mom and having a child as opposed to being a child, but a large majority of the foods that have entered back into my diet are foods that I ate a lot as a kid, or when I was living with my parents. Case and point: Ramen Noodles, Grilled Cheese with a bowl of soup (from my dad), Pasta with parmesa and frittatas (from my mom), macncheese (mom), spaghetti-o's right out of the can (we all did that). I even went out and got porkchops for Chad to cook me on the grill and ate them with green pepper jelly, a total Bob Sanders meal.  Recently my fridge has been full of homemade broccoli casserole which is a total Dee Sanders meal! I'm sure a psychologist would think this isn't very interesting and maybe could have even predicted it, as far as I know its a very common trend, but I am totally impressed that I realized what was going on.
    We had our 5 month check up yesterday, and I thought I was going to have my big diagnostic ultra sound, but I didn't. Instead the doctor told me that for right now my weight is perfect, ideal even, but the biggest weigh increase is about to happen in the next 4-6 weeks and I needed to exercise 7 days a week and be eating a low calorie diet consisting of a lot of fresh raw veggies. Luckily I'm already all over that. Morris and I have been walking 1/2 hour every afternoon on our nature trail and there is a Farmer's Market in town with my name on it. I love me some veggies. Yum-meee!! Below are links to some of the recipes I've been using!!And a picture or two to make you hungry....speaking of hungry, Chad and I are going to Shealy's BBQ tonight. So pumped. Don't tell my OB because it is definitely NOT raw veggies. ;) Love, Layne

Paula Deen's Broccoli Casserole

Cold Veggie Pizza

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That looks sooo good! I'm like you.. I have cravings all the time. ;)