Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some tid bits...

Y'all I haven't blogged in ages it feels like! I have just been so busy, and so tired, I couldn't even drag myself to the computer!! Also, I've been kind of whiny lately (about pregnancy not life in general) and I don't ever want to use the blog to complain. I really wanted to drop a line tonight, though. So here are a few odds and ends - random thoughts and pieces of info I thought I'd share!

First off, Chad opened his State Farm agency this week!! I am so unbelievably proud of him. He is official and opened for business. If any of you are in the state of South Carolina please give him a shout for an insurance quote and see if he can save you money! ----yes that was shameless, but I wouldn't recommend him if he couldn't take care of you!!

I am obsessed with this vegetarian chili that I found in the freezer section at Earth Fare. It is ridiculously delicious. It tastes just like real chili! I put some Texas Pete and a slice of fat free cheese in it- ohemgee. It was all under 200 calories for one bowl- even awesomer (yes that's a word)!

I started taking a spin class this week! Sevens months pregnant, yep. My boss at work goes like 2 sometimes 3 times a day and loves it, and we kept saying how we couldn't wait until after I had Noah because I could come too. Well, I'm already dieting and exercising, and I thought- I wonder if I could go before Noah came. I Googled, researched and found that with a few adjustments I could definitely spin while pregnant. Attention preggos everywhere don't rush out and hurt yourself because I said it's ok to spin. Here is what I learned, I was in great shape before I got pregnant, I have continued to exercise, and stay in good shape, and I know my body's limitations therefore it is ok for me to do this type of aerobic exercise. From my research I learned that I needed to raise the handle bars higher than normal to ensure my balance stays intact and also because it's sort of uncomfortable to lean over with a belly as big as mine. Also, like anything else you do pregnant or not if you feel faint or too tired- stop! Anyways- I love it! It kicks my butt, but I feel great afterwards and I just flat out really like it. I think I'll continue to go!!

Lastly, I nominated a fellow blogger who I think is awesome and I would like to ask all of you to vote for her for BlogHer Voice of the Year....
I nominated her for a recent post that I thought was insightful, sensitive, powerful and downright great! (Similar to most of her posts) If you want to sample before you vote- visit her blog you wont regret it! Also, totally join BlogHer there are so many amazing women out there in the world who have great things to say!!

That's all for now, love ya! Layne

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