Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Childhood Memories

A facebook post from a very old and dear friend has got me thinking about my childhood and all the memories it contains...Sights, sounds, smells, people and places. It's amazing how random the mix of things that I so vividly remember are...I wonder if my mom and dad and grandparents would be surprised and what stuck and what didn't.... here are just a few lovely things I've thought of tonight.

Two of the most vivid smells I associate with being a kid is No More Tangles spray, and these Peter Rabbit tea cookies we used to eat when my mom would set up...tea, of course! Those two smells stick out so strongly in my mind that even though I think both products are no longer made- I could recognize them a mile away.

There are a lot of songs that I have memories of from being little, some I can remember as early as being a toddler. They are not limited to, but include: In The Pines sung by my Granny, You Are So Beautiful To Me sung by my Daddy, Rocking in the Rocking Chair sung by my Mama, Walky Joe Creepy Charlie cooed by my Yia Yia, Who Put the Bop sung by my Paw Paw....AND pretty much every Raffi song....ever.

With food I have bizarre recollections- kraft mac'n'cheese with hotdogs cut up in it, Spam, watermelon eaten at Surfside beach, and always getting stuck at the dinner table because I refused to drink my milk. I even remember the plastic cups that had the liquid in between the two layers and the glitter and shapes floating in them that we had to drink our milk out of. Bleck, still can't stomach plain milk.

Sights....I remember our trip to Disney World but what I remember most was that my little brother got temporary Bells Palsy or something of the sort and the whole trip was spent worrying about him and not having fun (at least thats how my memory plays it) and I remember a trip to the Highlands with my two girlfriends, we may have been 8 or so, and skinny dipping in a lake that was wayyy too cold!

I remember people from way way back when I was very little but I think I may have some things mixed up with them. For instance, when we lived off of Kilbourne Rd I remember on one side of us was a boy who was a little older than my older brother, named Chad, and I'm pretty sure they hung out a good bit, and on the other side of us was this old woman who lived in a
(pretty) big house by herself after her husband died and I think she owned a camper-trailer, and let us ride around in it once or twice. ----These memories are impressive, people- even if they're skewed, because this was when I was 3.

Ok, the hubby just walked in from church group and I'm distracted- enough nostalgia for the night!! Love y'all---p.s. I hope this has caused you to think up some of your childhood memories, too! Layne


Aubrey said...

I remember rolling around in yours and amandas grandparents yards on Garden Springs. We pretended we were inside someones stomach, and gorged ourselves on make-belive pepperoin and cheese pizza(only Alyssa and Amanda would only eat the cheese) and the grass on Amanda's side was much more prickly than yours.

Layne Stalvey said...

Yeah! That was Awesome!! And mud pie bakery of course!!