Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's the trick???

So another day is almost over and I'm looking at a max of 13 more days based on my doctor's visit this morning. If little miss Noah doesn't appear on her own by the 30th we're going to induce that morning. I'm trying to stay positive even though the thought of two more weeks has me teetering on the edge of a dark downward spiral, but I need to think of ways to pass the time. I also need to think of ways to get this baby out. She's already- per my OB this morning- a "chunky monkey". With that being said, and taking into consideration I'm on bed rest so I can't go run around- tell me what helped send you into labor....comment on my blog or send me an email. I'll take funny stories, coincidences, at-home remedies, healthy or unhealthy. Let me know what you ate, watched, read, did or said! I'm not saying I'm going to try anything, but I'm definitely interested in hearing about everything- if for nothing else other than the entertainment of it all!!

I'd also appreciate your biggest prayers, positive thoughts, good ju-ju (whatever you're into) that Noah will decide she's ready and come on out as soon as possible so that her mommy doesn't go absolutely insane. Thanks, and love ya! Layne

p.s. My husband already thinks I'm loosing it just because of a few (several) dumb blonde moments I've had recently. But what does he expect...our dog, Morris, has been my only constant companion for a week and a half now. I'm not getting a whole lot of intellectual conversation on a daily basis and I haven't slept more than a couple of hours over the past SEVEN DAYS!!! This is what I look like as of today....not pretty.


Janet said...

LOL! I'll tell you what I tried, but I don't know if they worked or not...

#1 Walked. I think I went into labor that night. Induced because labor didn't progress.

#2 "Labor Salad" google the recipe...I went into labor 2 days later, but I really, REALLY think that it was because he was due. Induced because labor didn't progress.

#3 I walked. I walked up every hill I could find for what seemed like MILES daily. I know I walked a mile a day. I rode our exercise bike. We were intimate. I tried certain upper half extremity stimulation that usually brings on contractions that lead to labor. I tried squatting so baby was in pelvic area putting more pressure on the water bag. NOTHING WORKED. NOTHING. I was induced, and she was 9 lb 1 oz a week late.

#4 C-section because the doctor was fearful this baby would be even bigger. Although I got to have an early c-section (37w6d) because my water "broke"(was actually leaking, haha) that morning.

One thing I know for sure....she WILL come out. Then all this waiting will be worth it, and you'll forget all about it :)

Layne Stalvey said...

Janet- I am totally about to google "Labor Salad" ---my interest is peaked!!

andrea said...

Never been prego.. but just ending my positive thoughts your way! She will come out! One way or another! And then you'll get that amnesia mommy brain and all you'll be able to think about is how cute she is and how you want another!

Kristin C said...

Sex...Ben and I had sex Friday night, I had early labor signs beginning Saturday morning, my water broke Monday morning at 7am, she was born Tuesday at 1:03am. And just so you know, the sleeping thing probably won't get any better! Good luck! I can't wait to hear when she arrives!

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