Monday, August 15, 2011

Noah's Nursery

As I'm hoping that Noah decides to show her (undoubtedly) pretty face soon.... like yesterday, it is really good that the nursery is complete and ready to welcome her! The linens are My Baby Sam- Paisley Splash. The Butterfly wall art and "NOAH" I did during a very outrageous nesting spell where I became insanely crafty. The curtain was made by my mother-in-law and the painting above the dresser was done by one of Noah's many "Aunts," Caitrin. The last picture is of my temporary cloth diaper storage method....the drawers in the changing table will hold the inserts and liners etc, but aren't big enough to house a fluff stash. So I'm using a shoe organizer for now to see how that works for us....


Lexie Lane said...

So beautiful! What a great job! Creative, neat, just perfect! Awww... I'm so jealous.

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Janet said...

So, so cute! She has such a pretty room :)