Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July weekend and Third Trimester Update

So...I think I'm having Braxton Hicks Contractions. Either that or I have gas. Laugh all you want, but I'm not trying to be funny, I don't feel gassy I've just heard that third trimester you can get bad gas that can result in extreme cramping and discomfort. The pain is coming in waves- completely irregular and I feel fine in between them. It's very bizarre, but I'm not worried about it. Just more frustrated that I had to skip spinning tonight! Regardless I am now addressing you from my couch, my back propped up by several pillows, my feet rested on several pillows- it's like I'm in one of those adjustable beds that they sell in infomercials and I've situated it to put my body in a V-shape. I hope this resting thing helps, I'm not really used to it this early in the evenings. I'm dying to be at spin class. Oh well, hopefully the Kardashians reruns will be just as entertaining.
I had a doctors appointment this morning that went great. Noah is healthy (don't I know it from her incessant womb-gymnastic) and Doc says I'm doing good to. My blood work shows I'm anemic but that's nothing some Iron pills can't fix. I love hearing her heartbeat, and I just need to take some chill pills because I am DYING for her to get here!! So here's the latest belly snapshot- it's going to be the last one until after the baby because I am getting to be a beast of a pregnant lady. Luckily- it's majority belly, which I'm giving all credit to the Spin Gallery and my aggressive diet plan, however, the belly itself it big and projects straight out from my body.

We didn't do much for the Fourth. Chad spent the weekend with his family at the beach while I stayed at home because I had to work on Saturday. He came home Monday evening and we grilled out, caught up, and lit some sparklers. Poor MoMo spent the weekend and Monday living in pure terror because just when he thought thunder was the scariest thing ever, he was introduced to fireworks. If he was hiding his head under my legs on the couch he was cowering in the bathroom. Weirdest thing ever, our master bath and the guest bathroom downstairs have become his hiding place. I have no clue what makes him feel more safe in the bathrooms, but whatever works for him. Here's a snap shot of my pyro-husband with a sparkler on our front porch.

I'm missing my friends. I know that everyone is just as busy as I am, and everyone feels like
there isn't enough time in the day but I still feel sad. Summer makes me remember when the days
were long and there was too much time to even think of enough things to do and we were carefree
and had hours and hours of fun! Childhood was great, no? Ahh. I love y'all. Layne

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Lorie said...

You are so precious. I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby.