Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Research, Birth Plans, and Doulas- Oh My!

Tonight Chad and I met with and officially hired our Doula. I am so excited. I feel such a great comfort in knowing I have someone who is my advocate that is medically informed ( she's a midwife, too) that is open minded and who is ready to do 100% whatever I need her to do. She sat with us for over and hour and answered questions, spoke directly to Chad about a lot of things that concerned him and that she thought would be helpful for him to know, gave us great advice, lots of options, and we left feeling really comfortable with our decision to hire her.
With this being my first pregnancy she asked me about what I knew about, what research I had done, what preconceived notions I had and without judgement confirmed some of what I knew, educated me some more on certain procedures and possible birth complications and really let me know that no question was stupid or off-limits between the two of us. We went through my first draft of my birth plan, she gave me some suggestions and prepared me for possible reactions and opinions I may get from my doctor and hospital staff. We talked about symptoms I am already experiencing, possible future symptoms, herbal and at home remedies and natural options for preparing my body for labor and delivery--in addition to the exercising I'm doing already.
I like my OB but she is really intimidating, which is weird for me to say, because I'm a really strong personality and I don't typically have a hard time standing up for myself. However, I'm new to this experience and process and I'm pleased to say that my Doula is going to accompany me to my next appointment and be with me to meet my Doctor, as well as be there when I present her with my birthing plan. The way we left it tonight I am on strict orders to continue my research and educate myself as much as possible between now and delivery. I'm to lessen the amount of exercise I'm doing slightly because I'm experiencing a lot of low pressure already and it's still pretty early...I don't need to go into labor before 4 1/2 more weeks which would put me at 37 weeks and would mean Noah would be more cooked in this oven. I would love to hear about any experiences you mommies out there had with your birth plan- any things you realized too late you left off, or any issues that didn't quite fly with your OB? Also would love some good books or movies I can watch-keep in mind I'm in a small town and our library is limited. So far The Business of Being Born was a great motivation and very empowering, I'm also looking into Born in the USA by Marsden Wagner and Henci Goer's Obstetric Myths vs Research Realities. Another thing I need to look into is feeding/sleeping plans.....so far I've heard of Babywise-what else should I check out??

Ooooh this mothering thing is exhausting already, but I'm so pumped up about it, and so excited for the ride. I'm thrilled to have a husband who is so supportive of me, and open to things like a Doula- which I know he had never heard of before in his entire life. He sat there mostly silent taking it all in, processing the information, and learning new things. He's willing to do anything in his power to be there for Noah and me riiiiggghht up until the "nastiness" starts to happen, ha-ha! I'm trucking along working in the 110 heat index- insufferable weather, and he's kicking butt and taking names rocking out at State Farm- we're going to have our baby girl in a matter of weeks- could life get any better?? Love, Layne

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