Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good friends make the world go round!

So this past Thursday I got to see my life long friend Mary for the first time since Chad and I got married. (Which was 6months ago) She flew in from Albuquerque, NM for a visit home to see her friends and family, and mostly me. We had a lovely wine and hors d'oeurves party at Jenn Jameson's apartment and about 12 or so girls got together to enjoy each others company and the opportunity to spend time with Mary. It was a blast to see so many people who I hadn't gotten the chance to see in such a long time. A definite treat was reuniting with some of the girls from my Alpha Chi Omega pledge class! (pic-Amanda Glwe, Kate Lawson, Brandi Pope, Mary Cannady, Jenn Jameson, Caitrin Laughey, Leanne Outlaw, Loring Smith, and me!) Since I had to work Friday morning in Florence and I'm not the best driver in optimum circumstances it was unfortunate but I could only stay 2 hours because it was raining and late and I wanted to be off the roads before 11. I was so sad to leave Mary, I miss her so much it's not even funny. So, I've added some classic and old school Goose (mary) and Mav (me) pics for you readers to enjoy!! So, the longest work week ever ended Friday evening just in time for our newly married friends Tara and Tony to come and stay with us for the weekend. We spent Friday night amped up on Monster Energy drinks singing American Idol karaoke on Chad's PS3. It was awesome. The we drug ourselves out of bed Saturday morning for Banana Nut pancakes and Tara's awesomely cooked bacon. A few hours at a pool in an apartment complex across town and then a nice nap filled our day until we woke to start getting ready for a Barbque party in our back yard!! We were expecting around 16-20 people and it was gorgeous outside (albeit 100 degrees). Just as guest were arriving the temp dropped to a happy 85 or so and we started grilling out. Chad made excellent hamburgers and hotdogs and all of our friends brought food for the party. Perry made some amazing chili for the hot dogs and Amber made a pasta salad wtih fresh veggies that was to die for!! Needless to say we were all full and happy not too long later, and Morris was sooo glad to be surrounded by so much food! I think the real victor of the night, however, was Charity's oreo dessert, because it lasted about 5 minutes before the pan was empty. We continued the evening with a very fun game of signs that entertained us for a while until the sun started setting and no one could really see the signs any one else was making and the bugs were so hungry and swarming the group causing everyone to scratch their noses and eyes and shake their shirts, pretty much sending out all the wrong signals. When signs started to get way too confusing we split into two teams and had a great game of charades going on....Tony's acting out of To Kill and Mocking Bird and Bridget's great way of signaling whether the person she was describing was a man led to great times being had by all...we moved the charades inside once the bugs became absolutley unbearable and the threat for West Nile grew to 130%. The night ended with a girls American Idol competition and the guys playing each other in NCAA football. I know this was a brief description of the night but it started at 6:30 and we weren't in bed until 3. Of course no one managed to set an alarm and we missed church. But we did finish off the weekend with omelets and biscuits and a nice recap of the weekends events. Also the planning of this coming weekend with a trip to Atlanta and possibly watching the Braves play the Red Sox....of excuse me ( cough cough, Tara) the Braves BEAT the Red Sox. Hope y'all weekend was a jam packed and fun as mine! Keep loving life, Layne

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