Monday, June 8, 2009

My Family Across the Board

So while Chad and I are here in Florence we have family across South Carolina and in Tennessee! Chad's family is in Myrtle Beach which is a hop skip and a jump away so we get to see his parents and sisters quite often which is great because we love spending time with our niece, Taylor. My family is a rocks throw in the other direction in Columbia. Both of my brothers as well as my grandparents are in Columbia and we drop in for Sunday lunch as often as we can. Unfortunately my parents are living in Tennessee right now which makes it difficult for us to see them a lot, but they're really happy there and they get to travel a great deal. Hopefully once Chad's work schedule calms down we will be able to visit them in the Blues Capital of the world. Stay tuned in for a link of my mom's blog which is soon to come, it think it should be called the Mystical Memphian and her Mischievous Adventures. I'm pushing hard for it because my mom runs into so many funny scenarios on a day to day basis and meets crazy characters all the time! I'm about to walk the dog, and get some needed exercise for both of us. I sit at a desk all day and he's stuck in the backyard while I work. He needs lots of attention while Chad is traveling and working so much. He sleeps in the bed with me at night and pretty much follows my every move when I'm at home. He's my baby bear, and he just wants to make sure I'm not lonely. I hope all of you have a dog who loves you as much as mine loves me! Keep loving life! Layne

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