Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Work it Girl!!

So today I'm going to fill you in on my office! I work for State Farm Agent Richard Skipper! The office is 40's and 50's themed and when you walk inside you feel like you're actually still outside. The walls are brick and so is the floor and each staff members office looks like a separate shop on a brick road! We all have different color office doors with windows in them and the lobby features a working old fashioned glass bottle RC Cola cooler. I work with three very different women and Ben the lone wolf who works part time as the financial guru of the pack. Tonya is the take charge leader of the group, she's been with State Farm for 10 years. Letha is the older woman of the group, she's a hard worker, she's got a lot of quirks, but she gives me good advice on my house plants! Bridget is my Boo Bear, she's become my bestest friend in Florence. She's newer in the insurance industry but she's super fun so she's good with people. She's a dingbat and really silly so it makes working at the office really fun. But don't let that description fool you, when it comes to sales Bridget doesn't joke around. Life Insurance is serious and Bridget makes sure that all of the customers know she means business and she wont take "no" for an answer. (see photo) Ritchie is the Agent we work for. He's a trip, he is a super great guy and he's an awesome boss. Infact this week he's treating us to lunch at the Town House which is supposed to be this fabulous restaurant in town that I haven't eaten at yet, therefore giving us a reason for the whole office to have a treat. It's a great thing to be able to enjoy your job and have it be an ok place to go to on a day to day basis. I haven't experienced it much in my working life but my time at the agency so far has been such a ball. I hope all of you out there have the same luck I do. Keep loving life. Layne

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