Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spinning on the Savannah

 Last night I participated in a 5 hour spin event to benefit Camp OO-U-La, a camp put on by the Georgia Firefighters Foundation for children burn victims. Each rider had to raise $100 to participate, and I rode along with my coworkers making Century Glen Apartment's contribution to the children a whopping $300! My manager, assistant manager and I all spin at the Spin and Fitness Gallery in Evans, GA- which was the host of the event. We were thrilled at the challenge of a 5 hour ride and decided to take the opportunity to do something philanthropic as a team and include our other coworkers and residents in raising the funds. Through generous donations from our maintenance staff, residents, vendors, friends and family we raised the $300 needed for us to ride.
view from my bike at beginning of event
  The event appropriately titled "Spinning on the Savannah" was truly awesome. About 35 bikes were placed on the amphitheater stage in downtown Augusta, GA directly on the Savannah river.
We were led by Ivan Trinadad the owner of the Spin Gallery and entertained by a DJ for the whole 5-hour ride. The type of spinning we do is dubbed "Tae-bo spinning" and you wont find it in most gyms. We straight up dance on our bikes. We work our arms, abs, glutes and flat out boogie down. If we didn't there is no way I would enjoy riding in place so much!! From 7pm until midnight last night a group of 30+ women (and a few token gentlemen) rode their butts off to support Camp OO-U-La and raise money for the children. The point of such a scenic and public location was for more than the view! The music and and event drew a lot of onlookers and supporters who all helped the cause by dropping off donations! With my girls in front of and next to me I successfully completed 4 hours of the spin....I feel certain I could have done the 5th hour had I not been nursing and infant I needed to get home to (4 hours is a long time to go-even when you're wearing two sports bras-lol)! Here are some pictures one of the event staff shot for me with my camera! We had a great time!! Hope you had a fabulous Saturday night, as well! Love, Layne

Jennifer and Me- hour 2

doing it Puertorican style...

the Century Glen staff...London (manager), Layne (leasing specialist) and Jennifer (assistant manager)

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Laura said...

Layne, this is so neat! How did you find out about this? I've never heard of Tae bo spin- it sounds fun!