Monday, October 10, 2011

A new week...

So after week 1 of "insanity" I've actually gained a pound or two. I'm not surprised, though. I only did 2 of the Insanity workouts last week, and 1 walk around the neighborhood- then this past weekend was spent with Chad's family and included 2 birthday party and cakes with ice cream... I do think y'all should know that on Friday before we left town I finally trashed the cream cheese icing I had been snacking on all week. Down the drain it went, I didn't even put it in the trash because I didn't trust myself to not go back and pick out the chunks off of the top (gross, I know and sort of a jobe- but that is how good this frozen icing was.) My goal this week is to lose 3 pounds. It's a steep goal but here is my plan...

1. Continue to breastfeed every 4 hours and pump every 2 hours in between-this is normal but it is a help, regardless.
2. Insanity workout or power walk EVERY day.
3. Keeping to my menu plan.
4. Blog about what I'm doing.
5. Going back to work.

My plan this week (and we'll see how it works) is to be accountable. First, I typed up a menu plan and wrote down what I'm going to eat Monday- Friday. I printed it out and it's on my refrigerator and I'll cross off what I what I eat each day and write down if I add anything or cheat. Second, I start work back on Wednesday which will really help with my weight loss. It's super easy to over snack when you're in the house in your kitchen all day like I have been the past 6 weeks with Noah. Packing a lunch for work will help me stick to my diet. Third, I'm going to blog as often as I can and let y'all know how it's going. It's amazing how motivating typing out your failures and successes and then sharing them with the world can be. So, 3 lbs is the goal, folks!! Wish me luck, thinner thighs and a tighter tush! Love, Layne

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