Sunday, October 9, 2011

First out of town trip with Cloth Diapers

      We spent the past weekend at the beach with my in-laws. This was Noah's first big trip, and our first out of town outing with cloth diapers. The trip was a breeze, I didn't encounter any serious issues, I learn a few things, and overall it was a great first vaycay experience.
    To begin I washed every diaper we had other than the one on Noah's tush. We have 12 newborn BumGenius diapers that we use consistently and about 8 one-size diapers from other brands (Oh Katy, Sun Diapers, Fuzzibunz) that we have worked into our cycle since she is close to growing out of the new born size. Then I came across our first small dilemma. We use a FuzziBunz hanging diaper pail at our house to store all of the dirty dipes until we wash them. It's big and can hold a bajillion dirty dipes, it hangs on our bathroom door knob and does a great job of keeping the odor out of the air. Other than the hanging bag, we have a small Kushie's wet bag that stays on our pack-n-play changing table and medium sized wet bag from Target that goes in our diaper bag and holds several diapers...the Kushies and target bags were not going to cut it for a weekend trip so we washed the hanging bag with the load of diapers and packed it, too. Then left the two dirty diapers from Friday morning in a small wet bag in our bathroom sink and that was that! I packed what looked like a ton of nappies, but ended up using all but one diaper between 2pm on Friday and 9pm on Sunday. The two other small issues that I stumbled upon were not having a diaper sprayer I didn't know how to pre-clean the dirties to prevent staining. I rinsed one under the tub faucet but there wasn't enough water pressure to do any good so all of the diapers stayed fully dirty all weekend. I am worried about staining from the poo soaking in that long. Additionally we took disposable wipes which at first you'd think would be easiest, but I didn't want to flush a ton of wipes and mess up their plumbing, and didn't want to toss smelly wipes in the bathroom trash, so they went in the hanging bag, too and I'll have to pick them out of the washer now. We haven't done a lot of cloth wipes so far, but we do have plenty and I do have a wipe spray solution prepared. Next time we should do perfectly! Here is a picture of Noah being held by her oldest cousin this weekend.

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