Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Insanity Days 1 & 2

 So if you have been keeping up, you read my post that Chad and I started a new work out this week called Insanity. We started it Monday evening- because our plan to start that morning was foiled by Noah's feeding schedule. Actually, both workouts so far have been in the evening because I'm not getting enough sleep in between feeding Noah from 3ish-5ish in the morning and our alarm going off at 7:30. The first exercise is a fit test that you're supposed to do every 2 weeks throughout the program. It kicked our butt. I had no idea how out of shape I was. Chad and I finished the fit test and I wrote down how many of each exercise I was able to complete that way I can track my progress through out the duration of the Insanity program. After we worked out I headed upstairs to watch Gossip Girl and Heart of Dixie and left Chad downstairs to watch sports and hang with Noah. When my shows ended I came downstairs and walked into the kitchen to see Chad's back to me and the sound of a knife chop-chop-chopping. He turned to face me and I could see chopped up Butterfinger about to be dumped onto a bowl of chocolate ice cream. He smiled and said - In case you didn't know, Butterfinger sundaes are on the Insanity diet....sheepishly I pull a tupperware container and spoon out from behind my back and told him - I was glad to hear it because now I don't feel bad about the Cream Cheese Icing I'd been eating by the spoonful. We laughed and I silently promised myself that I would be more strict with my diet the next day.
  Tuesday morning I woke up and felt horrible. My body had taken a beating and I had relapsed a bit as far as my post-childbirth recovery. I felt extremely sore and achy and worried that I might not be able to handle the Insanity. For one, maybe I had jumped back into working out too soon. Second, this is a type of exercise I wasn't used to. In the past my go-to has been power walking, elliptical and maybe some Zumba. This is a lot of plyometrics and strength training. Yikes. We took Tuesday off because physically I was in a less than ideal state. Chad and I talked about it and decided maybe I would need to do the program every other day- or maybe my body was just in shock from the jump from barely any exercise into this intense work out program.
  Last night we did the Cardio Interval training. It was awesome. I struggled a lot specifically on squats and jumps. My thighs have little strength which surprises me since they've been carrying around so much weight over the past few months. Walking downstairs this morning I felt my calf cramp up a little, but I feel significantly better than I did Tuesday morning after day 1. I'm not sure if we will try and work out again tonight or if we'll continue on our every other day plan. Regardless, I think I'll stroll Noah today- help stretch out my muscles and get a little cardio in. Plus, if I do it early I can enjoy the fall weather before it heats up this afternoon! Yesterday my diet went very well, however I did indulge in the icing again...I'm going to throw it our today. I promise. Really. I promise.....layne

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