Tuesday, January 7, 2014

times...they are achanging...

I don't think there was a single minute of 2013 that I didn't feel (and see) blessings from the Lord, the capstone of which was coming to an agreement with my employer that I would spend 2014 working from home. Prepared to be let go, I approached my benevolent boss and laid it on the line: I love this job, but I've been commuting for a year, and I just can't do it anymore. I want to work for you, but I just can't do it from the office. I was extremely flattered and grateful when he said he wanted to make it work. I'm sure there will be some kinks to work out- and it may not last long, but I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to contribute to our household income while dropping the drive and getting more time to be with the hubs and butter bean.

The idea of working from home was really intimidating. I've been doing it part time for a while now, but the other part of time I was in the office so I never got out of the loop. Now I have to worry about keeping communication flowing, not letting anyone down, staying organized and scheduled...so far so good, but still it's a little overwhelming to sort out at first. Even more than the working part scares me the home part scares me even more! All December I wrestled with thoughts of- will hubs expect the house to look like Martha Stewart cleaned it? Because Martha, I aint. Or, will I get sick of being around Noah and start to loose patience with her when she doesn't deserve it? Can I stick to a budget that will accommodate our reduced income, and the online shopping that will taunt me daily? I prayed for guidance and consolation, and talked it out with hubs and by Jan 1 I was more at peace with the new territory that was before me.

One of my personal goals for this year will be to take some of the time that I'm saving by not having to commute and blog a little. About me, about the fam, about how the new work situation is going- anything really. I want to take advantage of how therapeutic sitting here and typing and posting these thoughts and updates into the unknown can be. My current update: the house is disheveled from a week of neglect while we've shared the dreaded norovirus with each other, laundry is caught up because we washed everything in the house, and I've been busy at work planning for January and February. Good but not great! Still, I'm excited for this year. I am sensing good things to come!


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