Friday, February 1, 2013


I always knew that time flies when you're having fun, but I wasn't prepared for time moving at warp speed when you have a kid. If I think about it too much I can work myself into a complete meltdown. If the first year felt like a month does each year feel that short? Will it feel like only a few years and she'll be an adult?!?! Ohmigosh- sometimes I really can't handle it. In some ways I would be ok if she stayed a baby forever...always wanting to snuggle me and kiss me and wallow with me. I'm holding on to those special moments hoping they never change. I know I snuggled and wallowed with my mama up until, well, up until she lived in a different state and I had a baby demanding all of my attention, but we still snuggle as often as we can. Noah is getting so grown up so fast. It seems like she learns something new and masters a new skill every single day. I call family and friends as much as I can to update them but sometimes I forget things, or get too busy and I don't get to brag on my little butter-bean as much as I'd like. So, here are some of Noah's current hobbies, skills, and new milestones. She will be 18 months old at the end of the month, so her attitude is VERY much a two year old's, she is WAY too smart for her own good, and for my patience.

Noah is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, at least one episode is watched every day. Minnie, Donald, and Daisy are her favorites. She interacts when they ask her to say things like "Cheers" "Super Cheers" and "Ooooh Tooodles!!!"

She loves to dance. I'm hesitant to admit that she loves rap and hiphop, but it's got the best beats, so what are ya gonna do?!

She sings ALL of the time. The words to songs are still a little above her, but, so far she has mastered "Old MacDonald" and the "Hot Dog" song. She can do the motions for "Popcorn Popping", and will mumble through "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Jesus Loves Me".

She recognizes Jesus in any picture. She will point and say "Cheeeeesussss!"

She eats literally any and everything- although the amount she eats changes day to day. She loves chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and graham crackers which are typical for her age, but she also ADORES broccoli, asparagus, hummus, spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, apples, and greenbeans.

She can point to and identify every member of our family in pictures and on skype which is about 22 people including Great-grandparents, her Godmother, and one honorary Aunt (thats right Aunt Caitrin!).

She can name and make the noise for a dog, cat, duck, horse, bird, frog, sheep, goat, cow, monkey, bunny, bear, and my favorite, elephant.

She can count to 3. It sounds like Tuh, Two, Free.

She can identify the letter "A" and immediately says "apple" afterwards because it was on a worksheet she colored.

She says too many words to count- 50+. Currently her favorite word is "No". Ahhh, no. Can't say I love it so much, but at least makes herself clear, haha.

She is a SASSY PANTS when she wants to be. She will start popping her hand saying "No No No" and proceed to break our rules. I guess she thinks she'll punish herself in order to be able to commit the crime. She'll also break the rules on purpose while saying "Sorry" which sounds like "Saucy". She has been known to throw her cup on the ground and say "Sauuucy, Mommy..."

She can show you her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hands, fingers, feet, toes, belly button and <blush> boobies. She LOVES being naked.

She runs and climbs and tumbles and jumps and scares us half to death on a minute to minute basis.

Momo is her best friend in the world. She easily loves him more than anyone else. He is the first person she looks for when she wakes up, comes home, or enters a room.

We just got her a big girl potty to test the waters of future potty training. I got the Minnie Mouse potty and SHE LOVES IT. Last night she tee-teed in the potty like a big girl. We're not holding our breath that it will happen a ton right now, but it's great to see that it's not a scary or difficult concept for her.

She's fearless. She likes the big kid slides, and big kid swings, she leaps off of furniture into your arms- sometimes when you don't even know she's coming!!

I love her more than words can say. She is a constant challenge and blessing. She reminds me what is it to have a pure heart and unselfish love. She's the perfect example of why we are told to become like a child in order to know the Lord and receive his blessings. Here are some pictures and a video of her at Monkey Joes! Peace and Love, Layne

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