Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bad Mood Blues?

  Do you ever just feel bogged down by a dark and negative energy? That's how I've felt lately, or was feeling. I've made some changes, said a lot of prayers, and tried to wake up each morning with a positive outlook on life and the mission of my day being to serve the Lord in all I do and say. (that rhymed but it didn't plan it) The world around me is so full of hate, anger, negativity, trash, filth, and sinning. The Bible tells us to be in the world, but not of the world..."And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God" Romans 12:2. Y'all, that is really hard to do!! Satan is everywhere. He hides himself in things that are desirable and seem acceptable, he is there in the negativity that you may let take over when your having a bad day, or have a spat with a friend or loved one. Don't let yourself be fooled by his tricks or succumb to his illusions....easier said than done, right?! I admit I can get caught up in gossip, I let my anger get the best of me and say mean things, and I often find myself placing value on the things of this world that are not ultimately not important. Here are some of the changes I've been trying to make in my life to clear that dark cloud to let the light through! Maybe they'll help you, too!

I had so much trash in my itunes, it wasn't even funny. I put aside that fact that the language and content were inappropriate, even for a married adult, and listened to it anyway. I opted not to pay attention to that feeling that maybe it wasn't the best choice. I was driving one day and having a fit of roadrage, I found myself spewing profanities through my rolled-up windows at another driver (who was a total idiot-just sayin). By some chance I noticed that I had one of my more hard-core rap songs on, and immediately turned it off....I know that what you listen to affects your mood and your actions. I was becoming numb to the audacity and unattractiveness of using those words. So, I got rid of all of my unedited music, and even some of my edit stuff that I felt I didn't need in my head, and downloaded some awesome praise and worship songs, as well as some awesome smile-enducing reggae. I can't begin to describe the monumental difference I feel when I listen to uplifting and positive music all day versus the alternative. Please don't confuse this as me saying all I listen to is Christian Rock now, because that is SO not the case, I can still get down-trust. I am merely saying that I am more conscious of what I'm listening to and putting in my mind!

p.s. Download Matt Redman 10,000 reasons album for $0.99 for an awesome jam!

I know this seems a little bizaare, but I realized that I hadn't been cooking as much in the past few months as I normally do. Cooking is super theraputic for me, it is a passion, and something that I consider to be a lot of fun (minus the clean-up). Cooking for my husband and daughter is a way that I can serve the Lord. Cooking for others, and doing for others is being in the service of your fellow man, showing love to them and compassion, all of which are things that the Savior was an example of. It makes me feel good, and I know it makes my husband feel appreciated and cared for when I cook a nice meal for him to eat.

Taking care of my body, and eating and exercising often is an instant spirit lifter! I'm happy, smiling, maybe sweaty, but ready to take on the world and it's tricks when I've had a good work out. I love Zumba classes, and always have a blast, but sometimes a good solo cardio session is just what I need to clear my head and get my mind and heart right!

This is just something that has been on my mind lately! Thanks for letting me share! What do you to to "let the light" into your life when it's getting funky? I'd love to hear it! Other than cooking and singing and working out, this week I've been gearing up and preparing for Noah's big 1st birthday party! We've got a TON of family and friends coming to town to celebrate with us! Oh, and did I mention we're having our entire yard landscaped this week! Gulp, lets hope Hurricane Isaac doesn't messed it all up with these evening storms we're getting! Y'all have a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend! Peace and Love, Layne

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