Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately

Hanging out with Great Friends

Kickin' it mama style with this little munchkin
I've missed y'all a ton, but it's been impossible to blog lately. I'm putting off a lot of more important things right now to write this because I simply HAD to have a writing fix. So much has happened since I last posted so here are some updates in no particular order:

1. Noah is now almost 5 months old
2. Noah had her first accident when she rolled off the couch and hit her head on the coffee table. She's got a scar because, frankly, she's hard core like that.
3. I'm only 9 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight....I've been working it out like a gangstah. I'm so lucky to have an awesome husband who is willing to spare me for 1+ hrs each night!
4. We are basically home every other weekend and it's getting exhausting. I am SO glad that we have such awesome family to visit but I am WAY over packing and unpacking
5. Noah is rolling over...and over and over. AND talking up a storm. She can already recite the Gettysburg Address.

These things may not seem like much to anyone else but my life has been jam packed- super busy and never dull. I hope all of you have been having as good of a time as I have...Love, Layne

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