Monday, September 12, 2011

Things I've learned from 2 weeks of being a mommy...

   It does not seem like it's been 2 weeks, but tomorrow baby girl will officially be 2 weeks old. Time is flying and I'm dreading the fact that in 4 more weeks I have to go back to work and leave her to spend her days with someone else. Luckily she'll be with a friend from church who we trust and feel comfortable with, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to be a complete wreck. These have been the best two weeks of my life so far- despite being tired and the house being a mess, I've been more happy than I've ever been before. I've learned a lot over the past 13 days some profound truths and some little tricks so here are a few of the things I've discovered since bringing Noah into the world...

1. I thought I couldn't love my husband more than I already did, but I was wrong. My love for him has grown so much stronger and more complete through the process of seeing our love manifested in a small human being.

2. No matter how tired I am at 3am when I'm up to feed her, I can still manage to smile when she puts a hand on my chest or grabs onto my fingers.

3. There is no such thing as too many bibs.

4. A vibrating bassinet is a godsend.

5. Always go to the bathroom before you start breastfeeding. Because once you start it's not easy to stop and take a restroom break...

6. It's good to have help around. My mom and hubby have been fabulous!

7. I will not go anywhere longer than a quick trip without a Boppy.

8. DVR and smart phones make 2, 3, 4, 5am feedings much easier...

9. Line drying cloth diapers in the sun really is miraculous. Stains disappear!

10. God is good. I'm blessed beyond measure. It is unreal to think about my life and the road that has brought  me to the wonderful and fulfilling place I'm in right now.

Love, Layne 

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